5 Ways to Get Creative for a Spook-tacular Halloween

Halloween season is just around the corner and I am sure you have had enough of doing the same things year after year: the tired old costumes, the recycled decorations, the predictable parties…


Well, it’s time to break out of the mold and dare to be different this year. Whether you are celebrating with friends and family or throwing a company party, it’s time to do Halloween differently this year!


Here are 5 ways to get creative and make Halloween this year more special, memorable and… spook-tacular!


Send out original and customized invitations to your party.


Nothing says thoughtful and sincere more than personalized invitations. And Halloween is the perfect excuse to go all out on your design with zany and whacky themes. Come up with a principal theme that showcase your personality or that of your business, but with an out-of-this-world twist, and then play around with colors and graphics to come up with unique designs.



Dress up in unique costumes.

Halloween won’t be Halloween without your ubiquitous witches, zombies, vampires, or Marvel superheroes. But leave run-of-the-mill costumes to others, be something different this year. You can start by doing research on horror creatures or horror movies of other countries and get inspiration from there. Be mindful though of wearing costumes that might offend certain social and cultural minorities.

Jazz up your home or workplace with new and fresh decorations.


Apart from the usual Jack-o-Lanterns, cobwebs and blood, liven up your party place with artful and exotic decorations. Other countries may again be a rich source of decorative ideas as African, Asian and Pacific cultures have their own share of spooky creatures and horror stories. Convert these ideas into fancy décor and your house or office will be talked about for a very long time.

Hand out your candy in personalized packaging.


Again, there are unlimited ways of getting creative with candy bags. You can choose to go environmental by using pouches made of recyclable or biodegradable material. These pouches can be designed with printed graphics or your company logo. And since, these candy bags are prepared ahead of time, you are sure of being fair knowing that each kid gets the same amount of candy.

Put together custom giveaways or loot bags.


Everybody loves giveaways. You can go further by handing out giveaways that are actually useful, with an added personalized touch. Company giveaways like customized apparel, tote bags, or caps will always be appreciated by your clients and guests. For private affairs, go with sticky notes, colored pencils and mini art kits.

Of course, if you are running out of ideas but still wish to be creative, you can turn to custom design experts, who can help you come up with new ideas or designs based on your own ideas, and will follow through all the way to execution. Since Halloween is only a few weeks away, time is precious so be sure to consult a reliable company. Reputable suppliers with quick turnaround are ideal.


Happy Halloween!

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