Six Ways to Create Eye-catching Designs for Your Favourite Holidays


IIt is usually during the holidays when people get creative by putting up decorations and sending out gifts and cards to spread love and cheer to people, they cherish. It can also be an opportunity to get innovative and have a fresh and unique take on these traditions, by creating designs people will easily notice and remember.

Here are six ways to come up with new, eye-catching designs that show your affection to your loved ones or your appreciation for your valued clients, and maybe attract more business in the process.


1.Be Unconventional

Take a break from the predictable and go for something less common. For example, during Christmas, instead of decorating with the overused red and green themes, why not go for blue and silver tones or using the colors of autumn and winter like reddish orange, brown and white? You can also experiment with other materials such as wood, felt, etc. to create decorations.

2.Go Traditional with a twist

This can be achieved by creating traditional holiday objects but adding a unique spin. Make Christmas trees and other decorative objects from materials like bottle caps, wine cork, and even coffee beans. You can also depict holiday scenes using cardboard art or scrapbook art.

3. Be artistic

We’ve seen designs inspired by the works of master painters like Picasso, Van Gogh or Mondrian. You need not limit yourself to the visual arts; also get inspired by the poetry of T.S. Eliot or the characters of Charles Dickens. And why not combine the two by putting together an iconic figure like Whistler’s Mother and a humorous literary quotation, and you now have a witty graphic.

4. All Natural

Get inspiration from Mother Nature, who is a wealth of shapes, colors and forms. Using Rock formations to create seascapes and mountain sceneries and then have them printed on various supports like coffee mugs and sticky note pads. Familiar sites like Flowerpot Rock and the Percé Rock are likely to grab attention and recall.

5. Go Green

Why not do something that will have a reduced impact on the environment? You can come up with designs that contain ecologically conscious messages printed on products like biodegradable toothbrushes, reusable coffee tumblers and water bottles, recycled pad paper.

6. Go exotic

With a little research, it’s now very easy to see at how other countries are celebrating their holidays. Some of these are the Dala horses from Scandinavia, the Philippine Christmas lantern notable for its kaleidoscopic colors, or Christmas décor using the Japanese fine art of paper folding. Bring the world to you this holiday season and spread cheer from around the world!

Originality and creativity always require plenty of time and preparations. The Internet is a vast resource of ideas and inspiration from which you can create many beautiful and original designs that your friends, family and professional associates will love. However, always be original and if using another person’s work be sure to give credit as needed, ask person, and be mindful of copyright laws.


Also, never hesitate to consult with design professionals Like the ones available at r5 Designs! We don’t realize it immediately, but we save a huge amount of time, effort and money when we bring our ideas to professionals who can come up with better executions of those ideas.

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